Thurlow Terrace
This page is included on the site for the purposes of communicating with tenants of
Thurlow Terrace regarding items of interest, an occasional "Did you know..." question,
communications regarding issues or events in the building, etc.  If you are a tenant of
Thurlow Terrace and you would like to request an item of information to be included
on this page, please email:  Include your name, apartment number,
and a brief summary of your request.  
1) QUESTION:  Will using incense be allowed in the building after the no
smoking policy goes into effect on February 1, 2013?

ANSWER:  There is a policy currently in the rules and regulations that states
that there are no burning of candles or incense allowed in the building. This
policy is already in place so it will remain in effect after the smoking ban takes

2) QUESTION:  If I leave Thurlow Terrace, does my Section 8 subsidy go with

ANSWER:  No.  Section 8 subsidy at Thurlow Terrace is associated to your
apartment first and to you, the tenant, second once your application is
approved.  If you leave Thurlow Terrace, you will need to apply either for
another apartment that has Section 8 attached to it at another location, or
apply for Section 8 landlord direct pay. That is the type of Section 8 that
"goes with you".

3) Will my rent increase due to the new ownership and renovations?

ANSWER: No. Your rent is based on your income.  As your income changes,
your rent will change (either increase or decrease) based on your income.

4) What is the primary source of funding for the building?

ANSWER:  The building is funded by both Section 8 Direct Pay subsidy and
LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit).  If you move into Thurlow Terrace
holding a "Houosing Choice Voucher", you will forfeit that and must reapply for
it if you decide to leave Thurlow Terrace.